What's Happening

Upcoming Events

  • Girl's Small Group:  April 24
  • Guy's Small Group:  April 25
  • College Online:  April 25

Youth Worship

Youth Worship

Check back here for the May date.

April & May Events

8th Grade Confirmation Retreat

The 8th Grade Confirmation Retreat will be the weekend of May 4-6. The 8th Graders will be heading to Holden Beach, NC as well. This is a great weekend experience and you will be able to enjoy the best pizza in the world. Sign up please and we will grow in our faith together.

College Mission Trip

The College Mission Trip will be May 14 – 18.  Contact Mike for more information and to register.

Girls' Small Group

Girl's Small Group is on the move and

meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:30. Contact Carly VanDewark for locations.

April 24 - Girls' Small Group 

Guys' Small Group

Guy's Small Group meets on Wednesday

evenings at 6:30 at Mike's home. Want to

jump in, just let me know.

April 25 - Guys' Small Group

College Online

April 25 - College Online