Concord, NC

Calvary's Guiding Principles

We the people of Calvary Lutheran Church believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. Within this communion of faith, we hold these guiding principles:
  • Everyone is invited, welcomed, and included
  • Everyone is supported in times of personal need
  • Everyone is spiritually fed and grows in discipleship
  • Everyone is given opportunities to generously offer their God-given gifts (time, talent, and treasure) in worship and ministry
  • Everyone is given opportunities to generously serve others, both within the community of faith and in the community at-large
Calvary's Mission (our purpose, our Biblical calling, our identity) is to foster compassionate relationships, faith, service, and generosity through Christ.
Our Vision (how we plan to live out our mission; the road we will follow to fulfill our mission, our 'so what?'; the desired result of living out our mission)  is Sharing the light of Christ with everyone.