Concord, NC

Calvary's Committees for 2024

Please take a moment to consider where you feel called to serve in 2024 at Calvary.  Together, we are working to shine the light of Christ with everyone through growing compassionate relationships, faith, service, and generosity through Christ. All are welcomed, invited, and will be included in this community through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s command.

Reach out to a committee chairperson and let them know your interest.

Standing Committees (designated in our constitution) 
Some committees have detailed descriptions. These are listed with links that you can tap to see the details.
* Community Outreach: Ken Glace
Endowment Board (elected by congregation in November)
Evangelism: Lisa Hunkele
Finance Committee: Patti McGinnis
Journey in Faith: no current chair
Memorial Committee: Susan Norris
Mutual Ministry Committee: David Black
Nursery Committee: Starr Black
Stewardship Committee: Steve Dupont
Preschool Board (elected by congregation in November)
Property Committee: Gary Fritz
Worship and Music Committee: Carolyn Mauney
Youth Ministry Committee: Glen Dixon

Committees formed by council for a certain task annually
Altar Guild: Jean Smith
Bereavement: Jean Smith
* Care and Concern: Phyllis Jessup and Susan Norris
Congregational Life: David Barrier
Technology: Jason Vandewark