In 2019, members of Calvary completed a congregational vitality survey. A church council task force also conducted listening forums with various groups and committees within the church asking for feedback from members about our congregation.

From these efforts, guiding principles that describe our beliefs as a congregation were created. These guiding principles, along with a revised, more concise mission statement, establishes our foundation for our congregation at this point in time.

As we move forward with long-term strategic planning, we now want to create a vision for our congregation that can be a guide for the ministry that we choose to do in the next few years. 

Once again, your church council comes to you, the members of Calvary, to ask for your input about the future direction of our endeavors.

Using information from the vitality survey, we have identified four large areas that appear to be the next steps for focus as we seek to grow toward our mission:

(1) Fostering relationships within our congregational family.

(2) Developing our understanding and living out of God's justice in the world.

(3) Sharing stories of God's work in our lives and congregation. 

(4) Outreach and support of younger families.


- Where would you like to see us as a congregation focus our energy, talents, time, and treasure in the next three-five years?

-  What is the next thing that God has in mind for us?

-  Where does our passion in Christ and hope for God's work in our world lead us next?

Please contact and share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams that you would like to see Calvary pursue in the next five years with one of the following members of the church council task force:

Walt Friday, Kathy Schiele, Jan Young, Amanda Skinner, Susan Norris, and Pastor Debbie