Stewardship For All Seasons


Thriving in Christian community means that we offer each other the light and love of Christ in times of illness, loss, separation, and challenging circumstances that call for compassion and support. 

Care and Concern is a well-established ministry whose volunteers offer caring conversations and small acts of kindness  to support our members in times of need. Making visits and phone calls, sending cards, delivering a home-cooked meal, and providing transportation to appointments are all ways that demonstrate our love and concern for each other. We are thankful for the members of this ministry who do so much behind the scenes to support others in their times of need.

Our Growing in Care and Concern initiative will enable us to introduce new programming and expand outreach to more members on a more consistent basis. One new program, a quarterly luncheon and Bible study for our senior members, will provide participants with opportunities to renew and build friendships that create a sense of belonging.. These luncheons will be a time to celebrate birthdays, seasonal holidays, and provide a time and place to share spiritual and health-related resources. Following each quarterly luncheon, care packages will be created and delivered to our homebound members.

Meals Express will be a supplement to the home-cooked meals provided by our volunteers to members who need support in challenging circumstances. Maintaining a small supply of make-ahead freezer meals and scrip cards that could be used at local restaurants will allow us to respond quickly and offer flexibility to families during hospital stays and extended convalescences. 

Currently, we have 29 members who are college students. Care packages before semester exams will provide a tangible means of reminding our young adults that they belong to a community of faith that provides love and support even when they are far away.

Finally, a monthly Bible study for caregivers within our congregation will provide those who serve a small group setting in which they can be renewed and nurtured by sharing scriptures, strategies and support. 

With your generous, financial investment and prayers, the impact that we hope to make by expanding our current Care and Concern ministry is that no member will feel isolated and disconnected from our congregational family and God’s compassion during challenging circumstances. 

     If you are interested in volunteering for young family quarterly event or helping to coordinate this initiative, please contact one of the following Stewardship For All Seasons leads: 

Thriving in Community Statement of Intent Challenge

A generous gift of $10,000 has been offered by anonymous donors if 100 or more Intent cards are returned. Please complete and return your Statement of Intent by October 28 so we can meet this goal.

How Our New Gift Offerings Will Be Spent

How will New Gift Offerings Be Spent?

The first portion of new gift offerings will go to sustaining our current Ministries, increased NC Synod giving, and small increases in administration salaries, insurance and building maintenance expenses.

Next, funds will be distributed equally among our three initiatives.  Details of the budgets for these three plans will be shared in the weeks ahead.

Sustaining Excellence

Sustaining Excellence

$17,600 ($338/week)

Young Family Outreach and Support

Young Family Outreach and Support 

$13,800  ($265/week)

Care and Concern Expansion

Care and Concern Expansion  

$7,100 ($137/week)

Fellowship and Fun  

 Fellowship and Fun  

$7,500 ($144/ week

Funds Not Used in Initiatives

 Finally, for any offerings not fully used in these initiatives or that exceed our  goal, we will continue our Sustaining Excellence initiative through the funding of two specific accounts: Capital Reserves and Mortgage Debt Reduction.