Looking for a way to build relationships with fellow members at Calvary? Come join us in a variety of fellowship

activities and service opportunities, and you will feel enriched by the connections you make! Our Thriving in

Community initiatives are up and running in the first three months of 2019.

YOUNG FAMILY OUTREACH (for families with children Grades 5 and under)

  • On March 17, we held a Children’s Church following the children’s sermon at both services for more than 10children. We will be building off of what is shared in children's time, nurturing a love for God, and helping our youngest members build relationships with others their age. Children’s Church will be offered once a month in April and May with plans to increase the frequency in the fall.
  • Parents’ Night Out - Sunday May 5 from 4-6. Parents of our youngest members are invited to a get-together at a local restaurant while the children enjoy games and pizza at the church. This is another opportunity for parents and children to build relationships based on common interests.
  • Plans are underway for a ROARING VBS Sunday, July 28 - Wednesday July 31. Go ahead and mark your calendars and invite your friends

GROWING IN CARE AND CONCERN (outreach to all members)

  • On March 18, 33 members enjoyed food, fellowship, and a musical program on woodwinds at our first Gathering. The Gathering, in conjunction with Movers and Shakers, will offer three more fellowship events:  June 17, August 12, and November 18. Mark your calendars and invite your friends to join us.
  • Care and concern packages and flowers were delivered to 11 of our home-bound members following the Gathering. This outreach to those who often cannot attend services happens each month through the cards and calls made by volunteers, and thinking-of-you packages will be delivered on a quarterly basis.
  • Our Freezer Express Meal ministry, which enables us to provide a meal to a member on short notice, has been established and is being put to good use.
  • Two monthly support groups have been established: one group for our members who are serving as caregivers to others, and a second group for grandparents raising grandchildren. These groups offer opportunities to build relationships and offer support to those who share similar circumstances.
  • Plans are underway for a mailing to our college students: greetings and a reminder of our care as they enter the final weeks of their semester studies.

FUN AND FELLOWSHIP (for all members)

  • Even though it was a cold, rainy February 17 evening, 46 members of Calvary gathered at Crispy’s, a nearby restaurant, for the Fun and Fellowship Kickoff event. In addition to enjoying the food and fellowship, this group completed 23 interest surveys that will help our committee plan future events An additional 20 surveys were completed on line. A day trip to Yadkin Valley wineries in April is one of many activities in the works as an outcome from this event.
  • On March 12, Amanda Skinner held a Puzzle Exchange kickoff for members who enjoy the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle. Similar small groups will be forming based on the interest surveys.
  • The next Fun and Fellowship event is currently being planned. It will be a cookout on Saturday evening, May 11 at the Picnic Shelter. More details will be forthcoming soon. There are also plans to sponsor an Oktoberfest this fall, along with two other gatherings in the fellowship hall.

Building relationships happen when we reach out and get to know others beyond a brief greeting during a Sunday morning worship. I invite you to get to know someone new to you at Calvary. Attend a different worship

service.....join one of dozens of small groups for study, crafts, or music.....volunteer for one of our many service opportunities listed in Calvary’s Ministry us expand ministries to our young families by volunteering for Parents Night Out or VBS.....visit or call a home-bound member.....just come have fun at a fellowship event. The opportunities to engage with your fellow members in compassionate relationships in Christ at Calvary are endless.  

Community thrives and is enriched when a diversity of gifts come together and show off God's abundance in our midst. We need to let ourselves be surprised by God and his amazing abundance. This starts by recognizing the small things that we can do to add to the community.

Get engaged.....make a contribution....together we are Thriving in Community.

Susan Norris, Stewardship For All Seasons Chair