Stewardship For All Seasons



We rejoice to announce that we have successfully met the goal for our Thriving in Community Stewardship Appeal for 2019!  We give thanks for your support and prayers throughout this appeal.

We are grateful for the  101 Statements of Intent that  have been submitted.  This has secured the $10,000 challenge gift offered by generous donors. We give thanks to the donors of this gift  who have challenged and motivated us to dream big as we plan for our 2019 ministry. 

If you have planned to submit a Statement of Intent, but have not yet done so, please know we will continue to receive them.

We are grateful that we have received commitments of $49,000 new offering, exceeding our goal of $46,000 in new offerings. We give thanks that  over $428,000 in Total gifts have been pledged, which represents 84% of our 2019 budget.

Finally, we give thanks for those who did not submit a Statement of Intent, but who are  faithful and generous in their giving of treasure, time, and talents. 

Your generosity opens the door for our congregation to invest in our 2019 initiatives.  Our initiatives with young families, fellowship/ fun and care and concern promise to grow our life together on the vine of Christ and bear fruit for God's kingdom beyond the walls of our church.  

Thank you! 

Thriving in Community Coffee Fellowship

Please join us December 16 during our coffee fellowship (9:30-10:00) to celebrate the successful conclusion of our Thriving in Community stewardship campaign



We are already beginning to form our teams to launch our three new initiatives that will be supported by our new offerings: Young Family Outreach and Support, Growing in Care and Concern, and Fellowship and Fun.

If you would like to help with one of these initiatives and did not indicate so on your "I Offer Myself to God" form, please contact Pastor Debbie, Mike Holt,  Susan Norris (704-788-1249), or Marc Gregory (704-763-7505)