Thank you for supporting the mission of Calvary Lutheran Church in 2019 with your offerings of time, talent, and financial gifts. Your generous giving has made it possible for us to expand our fellowship opportunities to include a variety of activities for all ages this year.  We have had several outings to restaurants, a congregational picnic, and a couple small group excursions.  We have expanded our Care and Concern ministry and our Movers and Shakers programming for our seniors at two luncheon gatherings and have also provided more outreach to our homebound members.  We have strengthened our relationships with our youth by outreach efforts to our college students, and we have supported our children and families by offering children’s church on two Sundays a month.  Plans are well underway for VBS.  

Your continued financial support and volunteer efforts make all this and so much more possible. We think it is important to celebrate how Calvary is making a difference in people’s lives every day.  Working together, we can meet and exceed our 2019 ministry plan and find more and more ways to share God’s kingdom.  

A “Sweet” Second Gathering

Did you know that honey bees use their wings to fan the nectar after they deposit it in the hive?  This action reduces the moisture in the nectar down to 18.6%, which initiates the process of turning it into honey.

We learned this fascinating fact and more during a presentation by Jerry and Tanya Sumeral of Honeysuckle Hill Bee Farm at The Gathering  luncheon on June 17.  The 35 people in attendance were awed and inspired by what we learned about bees and gained a deeper appreciation for God’s hand in the smallest things of this world.  Not only did we enjoy fellowship, fun, and a delicious lunch, we also delivered care packages and flowers to 12 of our homebound members. 

Make plans now to join us for the next Gathering on August 12 for a program on laughter yoga. 


I offer myself to God 2019R (pdf)