Letters from Stewardship/Finance

May Update


May 18, 201 8

Dear Disciples of Calvary;

Thank you for supporting the mission of Calvary Lutheran Church in 2018 with your offerings to God of time, talent, and financial gifts.

To date, our general fund offerings have totaled more than $163,000, over $20,000 greater than we had budgeted to receive at this time based on previous years giving trends. For this, we wanted to take the time to celebrate this achievement and highlight some of the areas of ministry these gifts help to fund and further grow Calvary’s compassionate relationships and the larger kingdom of God.

With your tremendous support, we were able to host the Mobile Food Pantry for those in need in our community. We have afforded our 7th and 8th Grade Confirmands their yearly retreat to help grow their faith towards this major milestone in their faith journeys.

These offerings also allow us to continue to use our facility as a tool in ministry, providing space to the Calvary Preschool and the 53 students to learn throughout the year. Additionally, we have hosted numerous groups and functions so far in 2018, such as the college students working the Habitat Challenge during their spring break and the Cabarrus School of Nursing’s graduation ceremonies. We also rejoice in what is to come, for example hosting the Battle of the Badges blood drive next week and a Quilting Camp this summer.

Outside of the general fund, the Youth Fund has experienced great fundraising success so far in 2018 with a sold-out Port-a-Pit event and a record-breaking Valentine’s Dinner. This money helps to fund the youth mission trips each year, providing so many opportunities for growing compassionate relationships with people in need and amongst the youth.

For these items and many more, we say, thanks! Your financial support and volunteer efforts make this possible, and we think it is important to take a moment to celebrate these achievements and how Calvary is making a difference in people’s lives.  We now invite you to join us in prayerfully imagining how we may do even more in 2018 to further God’s kingdom. Your continued support to help us meet or exceed our 2018 ministry plan is what makes this possible. 

Yours in Christ, 

Stewardship and Finance Committees