Winecoff Partnership Support


$5,000 ($96 /week)

We have begun a partnership with Winecoff  Elementary School. Like many of our local schools,

Winecoff has real and tangible needs that can be helped by the support of churches and other  organizations in the community. As we move into 2020, our goal is to further our efforts to share God’s

generosity beyond our walls by expanding our partnership with Winecoff Elementary School. Our efforts will enhance teacher and student support. 

Last year we shared teacher appreciation gift bags with the faculty of Winecoff. This year we plan to provide them with a luncheon on a teacher workday to show our support. We also hope to publish

a teacher wish list of items that can be purchased by members of our congregation through Amazon for use in their classrooms. 

In addition to collecting school supplies for the students of Winecoff this year, we are launching our mentor program where Calvary members will meet with students to listen to them read and assist them with math practice. We will also continue to deliver weekly food backpacks, and we hope to expand our ministry by offering funds to address emergency student needs, and gift cards incentives to encourage parents to attend teacher / student conferences.


Sustaining Excellence


$25,000 ($481 /week)

Calvary has some amazing ministries that are currently being supported by our ministry spending plan. Whether it be 50 kids “roaring” during Vacation Bible School, the 30-35 seniors attending

quarterly Gatherings, or the numerous Calvary volunteers serving at the Mobile Food Pantry to give away pounds of food, Calvary is offering life-changing ministries to its members and the community. We believe in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by investing our time, talent, and offerings in developing relationships not only within our congregation but also with members and

groups in our community. Recently some of Calvary’s saints have passed away or moved

out of town as they progress into a new phase of their lives. This presents an opportunity for

us to increase our generosity in order to sustain all the wonderful ministries that currently exist. As we do so, we will reduce the entire general fund deficit and grow a strong foundation for our current and future ministries.


Sustaining Excellence Temple Talk


Here is a story that really gets you thinking about sharing God’s generosity. 

So it was the Sunday before Christmas, the pastor came into the Men’s Bible Class a few minutes late. An offering was being received, so he threw in some change. After the lesson, the president of the class presented the offering to the pastor as a Christmas present. He couldn’t resist saying, however, “See Preacher, if had given more you would have gotten more”! 

That’s definitely a case for generous giving!

As 1st Peter 4:10 states, God has given us so many gifts & that we are to manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through us. 

For my wife & I, God gave us 2 beautiful gifts, our daughters. After 8 years of trying and many challenges, the expert fertility Drs. told us that we had a 5-10% chance of having any children. God had a different plan and generously blessed us beyond measure! 

Another example of generosity shown to Cathy & I came when we were searching for a new church. After more than 20 years of being a member at our former church, we had gotten so discouraged we left the church and stopped going to any church for over a year. We finally realized that we were missing Christian fellowship & community. We started visiting other churches of the same denomination but found them to be somewhat cold & uninviting. However, through the invitation of Renee Friday, we came to Calvary. We not only found the people of Calvary to be genuinely warm & inviting! You made us feel a part of your established family! God’s generosity flowed through you into our lives, and what a difference this church has made to us. Your hospitality is definitely a spiritual gift that allows God’s generosity to flow through you to others. 

Calvary’s ministries have been flowing for years and extending God’s generosity in so many beautiful ways.  This was mentioned in Pastor Bill Millholland’s sermon at Homecoming three weeks ago. It is highlighted in the insert of today’s bulletin.  (Please take a look when you have a minute). We are all playing a role in sharing God’s generosity by investing our time, our God given gifts and finances in developing compassionate relationships in Christ within & outside of our congregation!  We all have a part in sharing God’s generosity here at Calvary. 

This year, we particularly celebrate all that we have accomplished with our three stewardship initiatives from last year- Fun and Fellowship, Young Families, and Care and Concern. We also give thanks for the generosity of our congregation toward a new roof in our Sheltered For Service campaign. 

For all this to sustain & grow into other related ministries to share the Gospel, we need to be thoughtful in our giving generously! 

This year, the Stewardship Committee has come up with a sustaining excellence initiative.

This initiative aims to reduce the entire General Fund deficit, which has been carried over since 2016. It seeks to address lost giving due to some of our saints passing away or moving out of town as they progress to other phases of their lives. It also seeks to address the rising variable costs of our church.

With this effort by all of us, it will not only allow Calvary ministries to remain intact but will also place them into a sustainable financial position for future ministries to grow & thrive. 

Pastor Debbie has asked each of us to review the many blessings and gifts God & this church has given us. please prayerfully consider how you are being called to share God’s generosity and assist us in sustaining excellence for years to come!

Video of Temple Talk


Sharing God's Generosity

“Sharing God’s Generosity” is the theme of this year’s fall stewardship appeal. This theme points to what happens when we prioritize God’s gifts to us and allow the spirit of generosity to shine. Our grateful response to this gift of life in Jesus Christ is to give our best to extend God’s kingdom.

In the weeks ahead, you will hear more about the exciting ministry plans for 2020. Temple talks and bulletin inserts during worship, as well as E-News Updates, will inform you of our congregation’s mission plans for the coming year. You will also receive another letter with a detailed brochure containing this information, along with a Statement of Intent form and I Offer Myself to God form.

We are on a mission we can fulfill when all join together and give generously in support of this work.

As part of our stewardship program again this year, you will be invited by letter in a few weeks to consider how your offering can help us reach our goals for the coming year. Please pray about this request and do your best to respond generously as the Lord leads you. 

On Sunday, October 27th, we will observe Consecration Sunday by presenting our Statements of Intent during the worship service. You are also welcome to mail your Statement of Intent to the church office earlier if you will not be present. Last year we received a record 101 Intent Cards from families and we are hoping to have 110 submitted this year! 

Those who have not made a response by November 3rd will be telephoned to assure everyone has the opportunity to present their offering plan for the coming year.

Thank you for being part of the exciting things God is doing through this congregation. Pray for our common work together as we continue to reach out with the Gospel.

Yours in Christ,

Stewardship Committee



  • October 6 Stewardship Focus: Sustaining Excellence
  • October 13 Stewardship Focus: Winecoff Elementary School Partnership Support
  • October 27 Consecration Sunday - Intent Cards are placed on the altar

Other Upcoming Stewardship Dates

  • November 3 - December 15 Faithful Living + Joyful Giving: A Guilt-free Stewardship Study offered during the Sunday School hour 
  • November 17: Friendsgiving Luncheon - A time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have accomplished through our 2019 Thriving in Community Stewardship Campaign.