Sermon Snippets

Today's Two by Two -July 8th

Jesus sent out his disciples two by two.  Who are your two by two?  Who are the people who are walking with you in the journey of life and supporting you in being a living witness to Jesus in word and action?

If you can't name your two by two right now, start looking and keep your eyes open for what God wants to provide.  We were never meant to be solo Christians.  Keeping faith and sharing the good news takes courage and a daily commitment.     Mark 6:1-13

Set Your Eyes on Jesus - July 1st


What happens when we look into the eyes of Jesus?  Can you see his compassion, his desire for wholeness, for one and all.   Can you see in his eyes that there is hope beyond what you can imagine?   As disciples and as a community that is building relationships in Christ, we are called to show and tell others the love and hope that Jesus brings.       Mark 5:21-43

Peace Be Still - June 24th

 Jesus calms the storm with a few words, and are we now ready to be all in with him or not?  Disciples and the church, often imagined as in the boat with Jesus, are to learn to sail by allowing Jesus to be at the helm of our lives and church.  What storms are raging for you or for us as a church right now? Where do we most need to grow our faith of Jesus at the helm, hear the words, "Peace, be still.", and allow Jesus to take us to the new place that he has in mind for us to go?  Mark 4:35-41

Kingdom Growth - June 17

 Do you ever find yourself stuck, not knowing what to do next or how to put the next piece in the puzzle of life, work, a project, things at church, or in our world.  Relax.  Step back.  Breathe in.  Let yourself be inspired by what Jesus has to say about a grain growing in the earth by itself and the smallest of seeds becoming the greatest of trees that protects those in need.  God is always working underground, in suprising ways, that we may not recognize and certainly don't control.  Take that truth into yourself.  Let it give you courage to do what you can where you are.  In doing so, you become a seed sower and share the grace and generosity that has been planted in your life,   Mark 4:26-34

Who Are My Mother, Brother, and Sister - June 10th

Jesus says that those who do the will of God are his family or his disciples. If Jesus walked into your life or our church, would he find a home? Would he see that our heart’s desire is for and to do the Father’s will, or do we have other strings pulling us, other masters in our lives? When we pray the words, “Your kingdom come and your will be done, we are praying for the kingdom to come and God’s will to be so in our lives. This is a prayer asking that our hearts and lives may be purely and wholly devoted to letting God’s kingdom come and God’s will be done in and through our lives. This is a prayer for those who want to be the family of God and disciples of Jesus.  Mark 3:20-35

What is Your Sabbath - June 3rd

Before anything, a wonderful gift arose in the mind of God- Sabbath time. This idea is that all creation needs rest, a time to remember that work belongs to and is God’s, a time to recall how much the creator prizes us all, and a time to find life through the relationships of our lives. Summer is a great season to get into the groove of our creator. Play around with what Sabbath is for you and your family. What nurtures and restores you in your baptismal identity, gives you rest, and puts you back in connection with the web of relationships that God has blessed you. The commandment to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy is still with us. The gift behind that command challenges us to faithfully look for what this means for us today.   Mark 2:23-3:6