Past Ministry Snapshots of the week


Our new office administrator Shannon appreciates that Gerry is wearing her name tag! 

Wearing your name tag every week during Sunday worship helps to make new people and visitors feel more welcome. 

Please wear your name tag!


Some of our confirmation students gathered with other confirmands from local churches for their monthly gathering.

This month’s topic was the New Testament.  Here, acting out one of the stories in Acts,  some of our confirmands are growing compassionate relationships, faith, service, and generosity all in one afternoon.


Members of Knit Us Together with our red hat project for Novant Hospital in Huntersville. 

Every baby born at Novant Huntersville in February is sent home wearing a little red hat. Knit Us Together has offered the work of our hands to this project for several years. 


The Care and Concern ministry of Calvary offers Christian support to Calvary’s members during their life’s journeys by sending cards, making phone calls, making visits, sharing food, and providing necessary help.  

They seek to live out this verse from 2 Corinthians 4:  God comforts us when we are in trouble, so that we can share the same comfort with others in trouble.  CEV


Our mission is to build compassionate relationships through Christ, so that this, and each generation to come may grow in faith and service to our community.