Mission Focus 2019


Calvary's pastor will focus on the following areas during 2019.


1. Grow relationships with children and families both within and outside the congregation to further Calvary’s mission 


  • Intentionally build relationships with children under 5th grade (in and outside of Calvary) and their families through visits, support of families, and other means that I discern appropriate through the year
  • With Journey in Faith, listen to families’ needs, offer my help in planning opportunities for support/ outreach programs to families, assist with recruiting volunteers for events, and advocating for young families in our congregation. 
  • With Social ministry, continue to reach out to Winecoff School to discern ways for Calvary to serve families in our community
  • Look for and research other tools for outreach to children and families that fit my gifts for ministry, council’s understanding of my role in this area, and the congregation’s needs at this time


2. Continue to develop and lead small groups that create space to nurture 

and transform disciples for their daily life ministry 


  • Lead a weekly discipleship group (September- May)
  • Lead Sunday School classes in a small group format throughout the year
  • Lead a small group worship exploration during Epiphany
  • Start up and explore small groups or resources for caregivers, those grieving, and other areas that arise during the year
  • Continue to work with each committee/ ministry as a small group to develop fellowship, growth in Christ, and service to church and world
  • Study and if financially feasible and appropriate to congregational vision receive training from 3DM to assist in developing missional communities based on small group outreach


3. Support Calvary’s three congregational initiatives and advocate for them within the congregation


  • Attend planning meetings as necessary
  • Assist in discerning and equipping leaders
  • Brainstorm strategies to address challenges and setbacks
  • Be a spokesperson for each initiative and help to raise up successes/celebrations


4. Support the work of the Stewardship for All Seasons team and advocate for generosity in all areas of our life together at Calvary


  • Attend synodical meetings and congregational meetings
  • Support stewardship leaders and assist in developing new leadership
  • Support and assist the Stewardship For All Seasons Team in its plans to grow generosity of time, talent, and treasure for 2019
  • Live a life of generosity and share my learnings in the congregation 


5. Work with the Calvary’s congregational council in growing leadership, developing vision and goals for the congregation, and committee alignment


  • Assist with and or lead council study/ devotion for leadership development
  • Assist with council retreat as a first step toward vision and goal development for 1 to 3 years. Work with appropriate groups on next steps.
  • Assist with committee alignment by inviting each group to review their role within Calvary's mission, vision, and goals. Help them to identify 4 or 5 things that they wish to accomplish in their area that align with purpose, vision, and goals of congregation for the year if this is not already being done on a yearly basis. 


6. Work with the Calvary’s personnel committee to continue growth in leadership and staff alignment

· Assist the committee in naming and clarifying role

  • Assist the committee in setting 2019 goals
  • Work with the committee on a calendar for their group
  • Continue equipping committee for their task of staff conversations
  • Continue working with committee on staff and congregational vision and goal alignment