Coffee Fellowship Time

What is Coffee Fellowship Time?


Calvary’s Coffee Fellowship is more than a brief interlude before our Sunday Church School. 

It is more than the food. Far more important, it is an opportunity to connect as we extend hospitality to one another and our guests. 

It is more than small talk. Around the serving table, friendships are made, activities both in and outside the church are planned, and through these brief conversations, we slowly build compassionate relationships that continue to support us as we step beyond the walls of the church. 

It is more than talking just to those we know. In this casual setting, members have an opportunity to welcome guests to our church. Beyond the brief passing of the peace in worship, the coffee fellowship provides us with time to learn visitors’ names, to introduce ourselves, to find some common ground, and to invite them to come join us again.

It is more than a time for our children and teens to refuel after or before worship. So important to Calvary’s Passing on the Faith program, caring, affirming adults in our congregation can take advantage of these encounters to listen to our youth, to learn what is important to them, and to ask what’s going on in our active youth ministry program.

Calvary’s Coffee Fellowship Time is a vital ministry, and like all our ministries it depends on you, the members of our congregational family. Did you know that currently we have 19 individuals who volunteer not only their time but also their money to support this fellowship time? Although a donation basket is set out on the serving table each Sunday morning, what is given rarely covers the cost of the food and juice that these volunteers supply for approximately 40 people on 44-45 Sundays throughout the year.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be exploring ways that, we as a congregation, can sustain and improve this vital ministry. Would you volunteer if you were asked to serve just one time a year? Would you consider serving if more than one family or couple were hosting each week? Would you consider serving as part of a committee hosting the fellowship time? 

Would you consider participating and, maybe even volunteering, if coffee fellowship was extended to 10:30 am or 10:45 am? If you are interested in volunteering, have questions, or want to share your ideas, please be in touch with Susan Norris at: or (704) 788-1249.

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