Care & Concern at Calvary


Care & Concern is an extension of the pastoral ministry of this congregation. This group shares Christ with our brothers and sisters in the faith when they face sickness, crisis, or transition.  They offer words and actions which include visits, cards, calls, food, transportation, and relief to caregivers...showing God’s comfort, care, and hope, modeling Christ’s service; and praying for those in need knowing that it is God who is the cure giver.   For more info or to sign up for this ministry, be in touch with Phyllis Jessup.  

We Care

Pastor Debbie and Calvary's Care and Concern ministry are here to walk with you in the journey of faith. Please let Pastor Debbie know 704-782-6923  if you will be having surgery, if a family member is ill, if a loved one dies, or if you are faced with transition or crisis. . Care & Concern works as a team with Pastor Debbie making the initial care contact with the congregation member and offering support.