Adult Faith Formation

Men's Discussion Group

This group meets every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in the kitchen end of the fellowship hall and is facilitated by Keith Gehl.  

Fruit of the Spirit

This class will focus on the beautiful scripture in Galatians  5:  22,23. Classes will be facilitated by members of the  discipleship small group in thanksgiving for the blessings received  in sharing and learning together. The Fruit of the Spirit class will  meet in the Parlor. 

Christmas From Joseph's Perspective

Have you ever considered Christmas from the view of Joseph?  What were the customs and social conventions of the time that  could have impacted his actions? What did his decision mean for  the rest of his life? Come explore Christmas through the eyes of  Joseph for a very different perspective. Marion Bish will facilitate  this class which meets on December 2nd. 9th and 16th in the  Middle Section of the Fellowship Hall.

Family Sunday School

This new adventure in faith is open to all ages from children to  adults. This is designed for young families to experience Sunday  School together but is open to everyone. Facilitated by Mike Holt  and meets in the screen end of the Fellowship Hall.