Calvary / St. James Youth Ministry


Greetings to you all! 

We have exciting news to share from the Council of Calvary Lutheran Church. As mentioned in a congregational letter last November, we have been in conversation with St. James Lutheran Church about the possibility of forming a "Yoked" or Shared Youth Ministry with each other. We are excited to announce that the conversation has turned into reality, and as of September 1, we are now in a shared ministry agreement with St. James Lutheran Church for grades 6-12 plus college. The ministry will be faith-based, focused on Christ, and Spirit led, with the intent of building relationships through service, regular youth gatherings, retreats, small groups, and mission trips.

What does this mean in a nut shell? 

  • For years, the Youth Ministry of Calvary has always been very invitational and community oriented. Through the shared ministry with St. James, we have expanded the ministry to enable us to do more in the community.
  •  With change comes a change in thinking. We have created a "Shared Ministry" which means that both congregations now have a common bond together. Our Youth will be meeting together, sharing in mission trips, beach trips, retreats and fundraisers. What used to be two and separate Youth Ministries, is now one.
  •  We now have two congregations working together to financially support one ministry. This means that fundraising will be stepping up to a new level. With two congregations supporting our fundraising events, income should increase considerably. Individual contributions play a very important and greatly appreciated role in the success of the youth ministry. Without them, we would not be able to continue at the level that we have reached. Your generosity and kindness is still requested so that we continue to grow, but now as “one” ministry.
  • Financially, Calvary will be compensated for the time and energy invested in our new partnership in ministry. A joint youth ministry account will be initiated and equally supported by each congregation.
  • Joint oversight of this ministry will be comprised of eight persons (four from each congregation). This Youth Ministry Committee will be responsible for providing financial and program guidance, as well as keeping each congregation appropriately informed.
  • Ministry is relational, no matter where it may occur. As our relationships grows, we will find that we have far more in common that joins us together than separates and keeps us apart. With two congregations working together, we will accomplish far more than ever before. All of this will happen because our relationship with Christ is just that…relational.

Please join us as we pray for guidance and blessings as this new adventure in ministry grows and we see what God has in store for us. Should you want to serve and be a part of the Shared Youth Ministry Team or have additional questions, please contact Mike Holt.

Calvary / St. James Youth Ministry

Youth Groups


Two youth groups are offered.  

  • Jr. Youth Group for those in grades 6-8
  • Sr. Youth Group for those in grades 9-12. 

Check out our Facebook Page for events and thousands of photos of our group learning, serving and having fun!

Youth Meetings


The Youth Ministry is a unique ministry where youth are welcomed and included as they are. You do not have to be a member of Calvary in order to participate in the Youth Ministry. In fact, 25% of our youth ministry are made up of non- members. Our doors are open to all youth and they are welcome to participate in our Adventures of Faith throughout the year. We have fun growing, learning and experiencing God in a different kind of way. 

Beach Trips



The Jr. and Sr. Youth Beach Retreats are just one of the highlights of the summer for the Youth Ministry. This retreat is designed for fun, rest after a long school years and growing in our faith. We spend a lot of time on the beach, relaxing, growing in relationship with each other and with God and enjoying God Time at night. Jump in and join us, you will not regret it. 

Mission Trips


The Jr. High and Sr. Youth Mission Trips are the best! We offer a week long mission trip for both Jr. and Sr. Youth. We have served from the coast of North Carolina to the mountains of Tennessee, and as far south as Florida. In all of those travels, it seems that we have found a mission trip home in Georgia. The camp is welcoming and comfortable while the food is like home cooking. It is there that we find happiness in serving others and experiencing the Holy Spirit through Worship every evening. This is a week of hard work, a lot of laughter, fun, and growth. 

2018 Jr. Youth Mission Trip:  July 8-13

2018 Sr. Youth Mission Trip:  July 15-21

Calvary Kids


Calvary Kids are for children 3 years old through 5th grade.  Activities are planned throughout the year.  Contact Mike Holt for more information.

Wild Caving



Wild Caving is a great way to experience God's creation in the out of the way places. We make this experience happen about once a year. Join us in the darkness of creation. Challenge yourself, experience a completely different environment underground and learn to trust your neighbor. 

November 30 - December 2

Click here for more information.

Justice Tour



Justice! This is a big word with a lot of meaning. We have learned about Justice and Injustice through visits from people who have made a huge difference to others.  We have been blessed to make friendships with Civil Rights Leaders such as Franklin McCain and Jessie Douglas. We have learned about the Holocaust through a World War II Liberator, Jessie Oxendine and Holocaust Survivors Susan Spatz, and Henry Hirschman. We have met a number of others that have made a difference and we have met and shared in conversation with President Jimmy Carter. 

Amish Experience



The Amish Experience is a once in a lifetime experience where we have traveled to Pennsylvania to learn and experience the Amish way of life and faith. We live with the Amish for a week, help with the daily chores, work around the farm, learn, grow and experience a life of faith. We have found that to have more is not necessarily what is important, to live by faith and to have what you need is.  


No upcoming events.